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Driving lessons/schools Nottingham: Mock test

25 Jul

Many learner drivers go into the driving test without ever previously taking a mock test. Although it is not essential to take a mock driving test it can significantly improve your chances of passing the real exam.

A mock driving test allows you and your instructor to identify any areas of your driving that need improvement before taking the DSA practical driving test.

It is of course significantly cheaper if you fail a mock driving test than if you fail the real one. Failing the real DSA test will involve more test booking fees, more driving lessons and there is always a waiting list to take into account. (To take a mock test with your instructor is the standard lesson price)

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Driving lessons/tests, Nottingham Trent University

25 Feb
Exciting news, Nottingham Trent University is opening a driving school jointly run with the Driving Standards Agency.
Driving tests will be carried out by DSA staff from March 2013, after Roads minister Stephen Hammond gave the all clear for the (3-6 months) trial. Tests will be carried out from two sites,  located at Clarendon Street and at the Clifton campus.
Stephen Hammond has said “The trial will help us understand how we can best provide a service for driving test candidates using universities. I am delighted that Nottingham Trent University is leading the way on opening up their sites not only to students but also the general public.
This builds on our recent announcement to conduct driving tests from branches of Halford and the DSA is also in discussion with areas of the Fire and Rescue Service.”


Driving lessons/schools Nottingham.

21 Dec

Driving Lessons Nottingham

mini -blackWelcome to, It’s Drive Time driving school. Do you want to learn to drive, and pass your driving test in a safe and controlled way, with a friendly, patient and flexible instructor ?.
At It’s Drive Time we are fully committed to each and every person learning how to drive. Whether you are a total beginner, and a little nervous, or you have some experience behind the wheel and just need a little brushing up before taking the driving test.


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At It’s Drive Time we understand that every pupil learning to drive is different, people learn at different speeds,and in different ways. We tailor all of our lessons to suit you; that way you get the most from each lesson.
Passing your driving test is one of the best feelings that you will ever experience, (just ask anyone that has.)  Your instructor will take great pride in teaching you the safest way to drive, so when you pass it will be a proud day for both of you.
Book a lesson today or give us a call on 07970 830 637, we’ll always be happy to talk to you.


Driving lessons Nottingham, Moving off (POM)

26 Nov
This is an easy to follow, step by step method to move off safely.
P – Prepare. First of all get the vehicle ready to move; clutch down and select the appropriate gear, set the gas (one to one and half revs), then slowly bring the clutch up so that you feel the bite point.
O – Observe. Check it is safe; if moving away from the left hand curb, look in your interior (centre) mirror to see what is behind you. look in your offside (right) mirror to see what is coming from the right, finally look over your right shoulder (blind spot), the area that the two mirrors cannot see. Before moving off look ahead.
M – Move. Signal away from the curb, release the handbrake and keep your feet still.
When you move off safely you will have to judge that you will not slow down or make another road user change direction. (Just like when you cross the road safely) Therefore do not give a signal until you are about to move, otherwise it could be misleading. (‘Are you signalling to go? or to let people know that you want to go?)

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