Changing gears

2 Aug

There are a few ways to recognize when you should change gear as you are speeding up.

1. Listen to the engine. The tone changes, it gets slightly higher (people sometimes say that the engine is screaming). Change up.

2. Take quick checks at the rev counter (if one is fitted). Petrol cars usually change-up a gear when the revs are between 2-3. Diesel cars between 1.5-2.5.

3. The speed of the car, (people often explain this as ‘feeling’ the car needs to change gear. If you know the speed that you need to change gear, you will eventually develop the skill to know that you are driving a certain speed (without looking at the speedometer), and that you change-up a gear at that speed.

Mini one 1.4 Diesel:

1st to 2nd – 10-15

2nd to 3rd – 20-25

3rd to 4th – 30-35

4th to 5th – 40-45

5th to 6th – 50-55


This is a guide only, altered by circumstance.


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