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Driving test age rise considered for teenagers

16 Oct

Learners can currently take a driving test aged 17.

Teenagers may have to wait a year longer than they currently do, before they can take their driving test.

The government is considering issuing only 12- month probationary licences at the age of 18 in a bid to cut accidents involving young motorists.

New drivers would also face restrictions on carrying passengers.

This new legislation would recommend a one year ‘learner stage’ beginning at 17, during which drivers would have to total at least 100 hours of daytime and 20 hours of night-time practice under qualified supervision.

Learners can take their test at 18 and, if they pass, they will get a probationary license and have to display  a green ‘p’ plate.

During this stage new drivers would face restrictions on carrying passengers and have a curfew 2200-0500.

After the 12- month probationary period, drivers would automatically graduate to a full license, with no special restrictions.

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