The theory test is made up of two parts, the multiple choice section and the hazard perception part. You must pass both parts or you will fail the theory test.

Before the  test starts you will be given instructions about how it works. You will also be given the option of a practice go.

The multiple choice section has 50 questions, you must get a minimum of 43 answers correct. (Read each question very carefully) You will be able to move between questions and flag as many questions as needed and return to them.

The hazard perception part is more like a simulation, where a series of clips are shown on the screen and you must spot and click on hazards; and hazards that then develop into more dangerous hazards.

At the end of the test you may get up and leave the room, you will not be permitted to go back in. You will then receive your result from the centre staff.

If you pass you will receive your theory test pass certificate. You will need this when booking your practical driving test, so keep it safe.

The theory test pass certificate is valid for 2 years. If you have not passed your practical test in this time you will have to take the theory test again.

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