Driving lessons Nottingham, using the MSPSL routine, to approach a junction.

14 Nov
Using the MSPSL routine, to approach a junction
Firstly identify the junction and assess the type of junction that it is:
• Open/closed.
• Emerge/Turn.
• Controlled/Uncontrolled
Check for road signs and road markings and use the MSPSL routine .
M – Mirrors. Look in the appropriate mirrors to assess what is behind and to the left/right.
S – Signal. Signal left or right, as apprpriate, in good time.
P – Position. When turning left, assume the normal driving position (either in the middle of your lane or 1 metre from the curb, depending on rd size). When turning right, position yourself as soon as it is safe to do so, to the right of your lane (just to the left of the centre line). In a one-way street move to the right-hand side of the road.
S – Speed. Reduce your speed, if necessary and select the appropriate gear. Be prepared to stop: you must give way to traffic on a major road.
L – Look. Look in all directions, at the earliest point it is clear to see (ensure that your position and speed remains correct for the type of junction and direction you intend to take).


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